Astrology is not something that “works if you believe in it.” 

It works regardless of whether or not you believe in it!!  I believe your horoscope is a map that will bring you much success and happiness if you follow its directions.  I believe your horoscope shows what energies need to be balanced, and I believe that timing is everything

If you’re new to astrology, read a little about yourself.  You’ll be surprised at how much just your Sun Sign says about you. Then consider taking a look at what the rest of your horoscope says!

I have been doing readings for over 25 years. I focus on helping your discover your inner truth and your mission for this life. With the help of astrology and tarot you can lead a more fulfilling life. I do reading by e-mail or in person. You can order on-line at My Store or you can call for an appointment 816-518-7763.

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TIMING is everything!! 

Do you have good timing,

or could you use some help? 
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Here’s a PDF article on how

astrology works.

  It includes the basics for you on interpreting your birthchart,

and on making predictions based on your birthchart.


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